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A certified 5-star review:
Five stars. 2/23/15.

I have been living in the High Point area for about a year and was using one of the chain mechanic shops (Precision Auto) in the area for regular oil changes due to pricing and the speed at which they could get it done. I noticed that every time my wife and I took our vehicles in for service they were trying to always sell us add-ons that were only on sale that day or weekend such as brake jobs, flushes, tune ups, etc. It made us begin to lose trust in this place as we felt they were just trying to make the quick buck and so we went to get an oil change at another chain (Havoline) just to compare the experience and price.

Havoline refused to work on our car once they saw the oil mileage sticker from Precision and they went on to tell me that someone had put the wrong sized oil plug back in my oil pan thus stripping the threads and causing oil to leak everywhere. They also said that the oil canister was leaking everywhere. They told me that the oil pan was stripped and to fix it would cost around $300 or more and that they could do it that afternoon.

I took the vehicle back to the original place and the blame games begin as they tried to place responsibility on anyone other than themselves. He pulled up my record and tried to show me where they were having issues with the oil plug the third time that I brought it in (over a year ago). I was shocked because that meant they had spent a year dealing with this issue and had never informed me about it and in addition they were not properly working on my car. This also proved that they had caused the problem as they had it in their notes and yet they still refused to take responsibility.

I spent the next week searching out mechanics in the High Point and Greensboro areas comparing reviews and digging for every bit of dirt I could find on a place as well as looking for a truly honest and dependable mechanic.. I was so pleased when I came across Mike's Tire and Service Center as this was a refreshing change from what I was seeing elsewhere. Mike's Tire and Service Center has been in business for over 40 years and they have built a long lasting reputation in the area and have the history to back up what they are truly about...customer service and great work. With most places you may see 20, 100, or maybe 200 reviews and in that anywhere from a 70%-95% rating. Mikes has over 800 reviews with a 99.5% rating over a 40 year period!

Customers across the board rave on the customer service, friendly employees, honesty, and quality of work. Mike's Tire and Service Center took a look at my oil plug and confirmed that it was stripped. They then gave me the full breakdown on what the next steps would be to fix it. They said they would try to re-drill the hole for the oil pan and then place the proper sized plug and honestly told me that this typically works about 90% of the time, but that there was a chance of needing a new oil pan which would get more costly. They felt that this was a worst case scenario as they had full confidence that their mechanic would get the job done right. I liked that they gave me the full story up front. They were able to re-drill/re-thread the hole and fit it with the right plug. This was finished in about 30 minutes, the changed my oil, confirmed that my oil canister was NOT leaking, and I was on my way.

An honest, well priced, dependable, and trustworthy mechanic is hard to find in today's world. If you are looking for a place that you can trust with your vehicle simply look no further than Mike's Tire and Service Center. It is a simple shop and lacks the "flare" that many of the chain mechanics dump money into such as huge buildings, high end waiting areas, children's play centers, cable television, and all that "EXTRA," but that is not what I am taking my car in for. I want honesty and the job done right and that is what Mike's Tire and Service Center is all about. You can't go wrong here!
Another 5-star review:
5 stars. 2/11/15.
I've been a customer for many years now and have always found the service to be excellent...efficient, courteous and reasonably priced. I will continue to use Mike's Tire and Service Center for all my automobile service needs as long as I own a car.
And another:
patb, Jamestown
5 stars. 12/14/14.
Great service! Brad and everyone are always so friendly, helpful and accommodating. Fast and accurate service. They have earned our confidence in them along with our business. Thank you for all that you do!

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